ATS has Advanced Technology


I have had comments from bank officers and other affiliated associates of my own, that were taken in by the degree of quality in your documents, compared to others that were reviewed by same. The care and quality of your trust documents has earned you my continued support in the past and well into the future.  RJM

Our advanced technology allows us to concentrate on what we do best -- provide high-quality documents and excellent service. We use our technology to keep our customers informed, shorten our turnaround, and constantly improve our service level. Here are two examples:

In-house document assembly software:

Our proprietary document assembly software enables us to produce documents uniquely suited to each client. It was written by a professional software developer in collaboration with various attorneys and other legal resources. 

Online Job Tracking System:

Our customers see every move we make! From the moment we receive an application, our online job tracking system provides up-to-the-minute status on all work-in-progress and previous activity. Click the Login link on our home page to view our online system.

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