Earn significant income.


“Attorneys Trust Service has prepared over two dozen trusts for my clients.  In each case, both my clients and I were extremely pleased with the quality of the work.  The trust packages are comprehensive, attractive, and are produced quickly.  This is a superior product offered by a company that understands the meaning of service.  I heartily endorse and recommend ATS for your estate planning needs.”  JRE, Fremont

Prices charged for Living Trusts range from $29.95 for a "do-it-yourself" kit to $40,000 for a high-level specialist team. Our customers retail the trusts we produce for up to $3000, most averaging $1500 to $1800.

Most of our attorney customers tell us that using our service is more cost effective than producing their own documents internally, leaving them more time to get new clients and serve existing ones.


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