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“I want to express my appreciation for both the quality of the material you prepare for my clients, and the timeliness of your service to me.  You have proven to be an invaluable help in increasing my ability to serve my clients. … In today’s world of only voice mail (no humans!) and indifferent or reluctant compliance with requests for service, you and your staff are like a breath of fresh air!”  RES

Joining ATS gives you a unique opportunity with minimal requirements, and our membership is free. It is however, important for you to determine if this opportunity is right for you. To proceed, click Get Started in the upper right of any screen and complete our registration form. Or call us at 1-800-341-4449.

Once you are registered, we will send you an ATS "Start Up" package which includes:

  1. Sales Orientation class schedule (also free)

  2. Trust Application Form and Instructions

  3. Wholesale Price List

  4. Explanation of Services

  5. Useful Sales Tools

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