What is Attorneys Trust Service?


“The final product, as well as the draft, appeared comprehensive and very professional.  My client was truly impressed with the final draft.  She seemed to feel she was getting more than she paid for.  From a legal standpoint, your trust stands up to any trust I have reviewed in the past.  In fact, you made my job easier by providing all transfer documents as part of your service.”  PAS, Santa Clarita

Attorneys Trust Document Service, Inc. (ATS) has produced over 12,000 Revocable Living Trusts since 1991. Our services are only available to Attorneys and financial professionals who provide Estate Planning services to their clients. 

We do not provide services directly to the public or to any client not represented by an attorney.

ATS is a contract paralegal firm supervised by each client’s attorney. We facilitate our non-attorney customers by helping them provide each client appropriate legal counsel without jeopardizing their professional contact with the client for non-legal matters.


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